About us

The cinematic is passionate about your story. 

We document the detail and capture the emotion.

We are inspired by the little things, and love making big stories from these tiny moments


Cinematographer: Emily Burchell.

Emily is a registered nurse, and a self taught videographer. Emily has been nursing for 8 years and shooting film

for about 6. Professionally she has worked on films for companies such as Make-A-Wish, The Tom

Collins Caravan Bar, Hydrotherm Hydronic heaters, Wedding stylist Fox and Mae as well as numerous

weddings. Emily is constantly amazed at the way we can go back an re-live moments in time through film!



The cinematic are constantly upgrading and updating their gear. Currently (2019) we use Sony A7S11

bodies with various lenses. Rode lapel microphones are used to capture audio. We also use various

steadycam devices for those nice smooth panning shots.